Has CIGNA denied your ERISA disability claim on a Thursday?

While testing a new research tool for my firm, I decided to look for cases in which CIGNA’s Book of Knowledge (Cigna’s claim manual) was quoted. (CIGNA and Life Insurance Company of North America are the same company). In one of my cases I wanted to see what court’s thought of Cigna’s failure to comply with its claim manual. This firm reviews its copy of the CIGNA’s Book of Knowledge and compares the actions in my Cigna case with the BOK.

The search opened my eyes to Thursday being denial day at Cigna. I looked at two of my Cigna cases and one had an appeal denial on a Thursday and the other had an initial denial on a Thursday. Here is the quote:

Instead of conducting any further investigation, Vann denied Gary’s claim via her letter of June 16th, 2005. Gabiola Aff., Ex Q. The date of Vann’s letter is significant, as June 16th was a Thursday. Thursday at LINA was denial day. Mr. Lodi testified LINA’s financial period ended on a Thursday. Id., Ex. BB., p. 74-75. Ms. Harvey testified Thursday was the close of the financial week and that LINA had weekly financial goals. Id., Ex. AA, p. 86. Dr. Mendez testified that financial close fell on Thursdays and claims had to be closed by that day. Id., Ex H, p. 22. Vann admitted in her deposition that Thursday was LINA’s “reporting period” where claims had to be closed. Id., Ex. P, pp. 12-13. Joann Mingoia, Gary’s prior case manager, characterized this as “outrageous.” Id., Ex. DD, p. 33.

Stokes v. Life Insurance Company of North America, C.A. No. 06-411 (D. Id.) (Plaintiff’s Motion to Preclude Application of Non-Economic Damages Limitation) (July 11, 2008)

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