Cancer Tops Most Frequent Causes of Long Term Disability Claims in 2004

According to UNUMProvident, the leading provider of disability insurance, the following are the five leading causes of long-term disability claims:

12 percent – Cancer
10 percent – Complications of pregnancy
10 percent – Joint/muscle/connective tissue diseases
9 percent – Back injuries
8 percent – Cardiovascular disease

Dr. Fantasia Finds Fibromyalgia Plaintiff Disabled

Whaley v CNF Transportation, Inc. Long Term Disability Plan, C. A. No. 03-363 (Southern District of Ohio (Order Granting Plaintiff's Motion For Judgment On The Administrative Record (June 14, 2005))

In Whaley, Judge Thomas M. Rose found that the Defendant claims administrator abused its discretion. Dr. Fantasia, Plaintiff's chiropractor, opined that Plaintiff was disabled. That was the extent of Dr. Fantasia’s role. However, Dr. Fantasia’s name alone rates a headline.

Fibromyalgia Advocacy

"FMS Fact Sheet: Condensed information on FMS, including demographics, disability studies, research findings, the current status of NIH spending on the condition and more. In PDF format for easy printing, no reprint permission is required for the use and distribution of this document."

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