Cancer Tops Most Frequent Causes of Long Term Disability Claims in 2004

According to UNUMProvident, the leading provider of disability insurance, the following are the five leading causes of long-term disability claims:

12 percent – Cancer
10 percent – Complications of pregnancy
10 percent – Joint/muscle/connective tissue diseases
9 percent – Back injuries
8 percent – Cardiovascular disease

Glista v. UNUM Life Ins. Co.

2004-08-11 "Defendant's denial of plaintiff's claim for long-term disability benefits on the ground that his disability was a pre-existing condition excluded from coverage was neither reasonable nor supported by the evidence."

Critchlow v. First UNUM Life Ins. Co.

"Defendant's denial of insurance benefits on the basis that decedent's death was not within the scope of plaintiff's insurance policy is a wrongful denial as a matter of law where his death was accidental."

Court orders discovery against UNUM in ERISA case

Court allows discovery in a case involving UNUM. If you want the briefs and responses send an email to me.

In its response in opposition to the motion for discovery (to take depositions) UNUM explained the meaning of some of its abbreviations. See order pages 4 and 5. The court also ordered UNUM to disclose any internal memorandum regarding its mental and nervous limitation.


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